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Aug 4, 2011 - Ice Cream, Summer    4 Comments

Summerlicious Blackberry Ice Cream

Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love this recipe. My other half and I are both sugarholics, our worst vice – ice cream! Game over, can’t resist, no cure, got to have it. In summer, it’s so bad I sometimes even have to replace breakfast with a couple of scoops of this devilish delight. Even worse, my gorgeous darling. I literally have to grab the tub of ice cream from him and put it back in the freezer as he easily would go through the whole thing in one go. (A pint of cream can you believe!!!)

My addiction to ice cream started at an early age and making some, was one of my first attempts in the kitchen by adding flour to harden it… Don’t even try imagining the result, my only excuse, I was five and influenced by my dad who made concrete earlier that day. To my family’s credit, they all ate it and surprise, surprise, it contained a lot of blackberries – but be assured, no flour used in this recipe.

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