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Summerlicious Blackberry Ice Cream

Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love this recipe. My other half and I are both sugarholics, our worst vice – ice cream! Game over, can’t resist, no cure, got to have it. In summer, it’s so bad I sometimes even have to replace breakfast with a couple of scoops of this devilish delight. Even worse, my gorgeous darling. I literally have to grab the tub of ice cream from him and put it back in the freezer as he easily would go through the whole thing in one go. (A pint of cream can you believe!!!)

My addiction to ice cream started at an early age and making some, was one of my first attempts in the kitchen by adding flour to harden it… Don’t even try imagining the result, my only excuse, I was five and influenced by my dad who made concrete earlier that day. To my family’s credit, they all ate it and surprise, surprise, it contained a lot of blackberries – but be assured, no flour used in this recipe.

So when I was thinking of my first post it was clear it got to be ice cream and considering the season, LOTS of blackberries and of course cream I’m afraid. (Working on a lighter version which will follow soon). From August up until late September, blackberries are in abundance and can be easily picked all around Bristol: the Downs, Leigh Woods, Ashton Court or at most meadows and hedges. They are like weeds, just grow anywhere. Just make sure you choose a place away from the road  – don’t want to take in unnecessary toxins. For those who don’t fancy pricked and stained fingers, a quick trip to the supermarket will do the trick, as those lovely, plump little fruits are at their peak, juicy and a bit sweeter than their wild sibling and very likely on offer right now.

Preparation Summerlicious Blackberry Ice Cream Heaven

Source: concoction of own recipes and www
Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes, chilling in the freezer 6-8 hours (regular stirring required, best made in day time)

Ingredients (serves 4-6 in my case 2)

  • 400g blackberries (anything between 300-500g) keep a couple for serving
  • 500ml double cream
  • 100g plain yogurt
  • 100g golden caster sugar (might need extra if you prefer it sweeter)
  • 5 egg yolks (very fresh, ideally organic)
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • zest of one untreated lemon


1. Rinse the blackberries and dry on kitchen roll.

2. Blitz the blackberries in a blender and pass the puree through a sieve to get rid of the little seeds (or leave them in, whichever you prefer).







3. Bring the cream and yogurt, together with the halved and scraped-out vanilla seeds, very gently just before boil. Stir regularly.

4. In the meantime, mix the egg yolks, sugar and lemon zest with an electric hand whisk for about 5 minutes until pale and very thick and the sugar has almost dissolved.

5. Take the saucepan off the heat.

6. Remove the vanilla pod, give it another scrape to make sure you’ve removed all the lovely seeds and add them to the hot mix.

TIP: Rinse the vanilla pod, let dry and add to your sugar jar and keep topping up, will last you for ages..

7. Slowly poor the milk/cream/vanilla concoction over the egg/sugar/lemon zest mix. Stir continuously to stop it from curdling.

TIP: Use a wire whisk and not electric hand whisk for this as otherwise your kitchen might get a bit messy.

8. Return the custard into the saucepan, scrape out all the vanilla pods from the eggy bowl, and thicken it over a gentle heat while continuously stirring. Don’t let it boil, you don’t want scrambled eggs!

9.  Take the custard off the heat and add the blackberry puree. Give it a taste and add some more sugar if required as blackberries can sometimes be a bit sharp.

10. Add into a sealable box and let cool down before adding a lid and placing it into the freezer for 6-8 hours.

11. Give it a good stir every hour to make sure the ice crystals are broken down. 3-4 times will be enough or more often if you remember.

12. Serve the blackberry ice cream with some fresh blackberries.

13. Can’t really tell how long it will keep as it usually only lasts for a couple of days…



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  • Jenkinsoncaroline

    Love the first posting, recipe very naughty indeed and now I want ice-cream. :-) looking forward to more lovely stories. Xx

  • Brockleyrog

    Lovin’ the photos!

  • Swishtish

    Looks amazing! can’t wait to try with my haul from my fab spot on Brandon hill. Just got to get the kids to stop eating them ling enough to get them home!

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